Emerge from the Shadows of Time

A Transformational Rejuvenation Retreat

at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center
Carefree, Arizona
May 27-29 2016

Balance. Transform. Heal.

This will be a weekend of transformation and rejuvenation designed to support your intentions in a safe environment. You will shift out of your un-conscious pain or fear and into a space of allowance, clarity, bliss and freedom from what troubles you!

This journey will be one of self-discovery, release, clearing and activations that will raise your energetic vibration to the level of neutrality where miracles occur and life flows with ease and grace.

The only thing you need to connect with yourself, is you.


If you haven’t experienced Kenji Kumara live, it’s simply impossible to explain how magical, transformative and joyful the moments of yourself that you are missing!

We are being challenged to do more and more in our lives as we strive for balance and purpose in a new way of being and doing. We are called NOW to live at our greatest level where our gifts and potential are fully realized.

This retreat will be an in-gathering of our soul family and kindred spirits where we will connect and heal what needs to heal. You deserve to experience this climate of trust, acceptance and nurturance. In this sacred space we will create and rejuvenate.

Clear stress, stories, patterns and the stuck points in the fastest way possible, where any small shift of energy affects the entire field. While in the Quantum meditative state you can resolve challenges and unleash your potential through safely guided and customized activations.

In the Quantum Field, we have the capacity to rapidly make massive shifts and changes to our long-standing issues of self-identity and self-healing, and it can be accomplished with ease and grace!

Great PRICING for this amazing weekend!

PROGRAM details and REGISTER now
at www.kenjiretreat.com



This is your life in perfect balance

  • Pure alignment and connection with your own inner guidance system, clear and open heart energy, experience your truth and bliss.
  • Enhanced clarity of focus and renewed purpose through releasing mental clutter and connecting with truth.
  • Ease of healing traumas and anxiety during deep relaxation states, and while sleeping!
  • Awakened spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities.
  • Feelings of immense kindness, love and grace toward yourself and others.
  • Inspired with confidence to succeed in your relationships, business, general health, and more.

Embrace this opportunity and join us for a fun, transformational and rejuvenating retreat in the scenic and serene setting of Carefree, Arizona!